Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. The money invested in the fund can go down as well as up in value and you may not get back all the capital invested.

Fixed Income’s comeback: Espiria Nordic Corporate Bond fund sees record client interest

New reporting from Fondbolagens Förening confirms the outstanding performance and strong client interest in Espiria’s Nordic Corporate Bond (NCB) fund. The Espiria team is pleased to share that the fund has raised 980 million SEK year to date. This is the equivalent of 8% of all corporate bond fund flows in Sweden this year, underscoring the attractiveness of Espiria NCB in today’s market environment.

Investors, from all client segments have noticed this fund, seeking stability in the face of market volatility and underscoring the draw of high-quality fixed income securities in the Nordic markets.

“We are thrilled with the attractiveness of the fund, we have had an overwhelming response from institutional investors, advisors in our strong network partnerships and private investors”, says Nikodemus Dahlgren, Head of Investor Relations. “I am proud of the hard work both the Investor Relations and Investment Management teams have done to navigate difficult markets and deliver on the evolving needs of our clients".

Managed by Espiria's seasoned fixed income team, the fund's strategic approach combines high-yield bonds with higher liquidity investment-grade bonds. Globally, investing in fixed income assets has enjoyed a real “comeback” during the second half of 2023. In the Nordics, specifically in the realm of investment grade fixed income, we have observed a sustained level of consistency over time, with robust performance continuing in 2023.

“Our strategic blend of high-yield and investment-grade bonds, coupled with a focus on stability, has resonated with investors in uncertain times. We look forward to building on this success, continually identifying unique investment opportunities, and providing our clients with a pathway to sustained growth in the coming year", says Stefan Pari, Portfolio Manager, Espiria.

Espiria continues to lead in global equity and Nordic fixed-income investments, providing innovative and reliable investment solutions.


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Jessica Scott, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, East Capital Group

About Espiria and East Capital Group
Espiria is a part of East Capital Group, a global asset manager based in Sweden since 1997. We offer a range of investment solutions within equities, fixed income securities, real estate, and alternatives. The essence of our business is not only to find attractive investment opportunities, but also to actively work to drive change, influencing industries around the world to become more sustainable.

Within East Capital Group you will find East Capital − specialising in emerging and frontier market strategies, East Capital Real Estate − managing commercial real estate investments in Central and Eastern Europe, Espiria − offering bespoke global and Nordic equities and fixed income strategies, and Adrigo – a Nordic long/short fund strategy targeting absolute returns. East Capital Group owns 49% of Cicero Fonder and also has a significant holding in the listed company Eastnine (OM:EAST), which owns, develops and manages modern and sustainable office and logistics premises in prime locations in the Baltics and Poland.

Risk information: Past performance is no guarantee for future performance. Fund units may go up or down in value and may be affected by changes in exchange rates. Investors may not get back the amount invested. Full information such as the prospectus, key investor information documents, articles of incorporation and annual reports in Swedish and English, can be obtained on our website www.espiria.se, from all the local representatives or information agents, or from our distributors. Please refer to the prospectus and fact sheets before making any final investment decisions. 

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