Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. The money invested in the fund can go down as well as up in value and you may not get back all the capital invested.

Welcome to Espiria

Actively managed and balanced funds with focus on innovation and sustainability

Portfolio balance

Portfolio balance through diversification of risk - across geographies, sectors and fundamental drivers, with limited exposure to individual companies

Quality companies

Investments focused on quality companies with strong business models, good profitability and management that is resilient to stock market downturns

Innovation & Sustainability

A focus on megatrends, driven by innovation and sustainability, that support favourable sales growth over the long term

Why Espiria Nordic Corporate Bond ?

Managers Stefan Pari and Huizi Zeng and Client Relationship Manager Massimo Grassoti discuss the benefits of investing in a fund focused on the Nordic corporate bond market.

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Investment team

Peter Van Berlekom 200X200 2

Peter van Berlekom

Chief Investment Officer

Peter is Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Espiria with overall responsibility for Espiria's strategies and a focus on global equities.

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Jakob Wikander 200X200 2

Jakob Wikander

Portfolio Manager and Deputy Investment Officer

Jakob works as a portfolio manager with a focus on equities and fixed income.

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Huizi Zeng 200X200

Huizi Zeng

Portfolio Manager

Huizi works as a Portfolio Manager with a focus on assets and sustainability.

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Stefan Pari 200X200

Stefan Pari

Portfolio Manager

Stefan works as a Portfolio Manager with a focus on fixed income.

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Axel Ekros 200X200

Axel Ekros


Axel works as an Analyst.


Espiria works actively to encourage industries to become more sustainable, through our investments and engagement. Our investment philosophy is about finding companies with high quality and sustainability standards, through fundamental research and proprietary ESG analysis tools.

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