Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Fund units may go up or down in value and investors may not get back the amount invested.

Espiria Hallbarhet Grafik

About Espiria

We focus on portfolio balance, quality companies and structural trends led by innovation and sustainability to achieve significant capital growth for investors

Investment philosophy

  • We seek portfolio balance through broad diversification of risk across geographies, sectors and fundamental drivers, with limited exposure to individual companies.
  • We focus our investments on quality companies with strong business models, good profitability and management, that are resilient to stock market downturns.
  • We focus on megatrends, driven by innovation and sustainability, that support favourable sales growth over the longer term

Genuine active management

Our management team has extensive experience in analysing and selecting investments. Whether it's equities, corporate bonds or other fixed income securities, we take a methodical approach to investing. Our managers always consider company-specific conditions, macroeconomic factors, global trends, sustainability and risk before making investment decisions. The result is a mix of assets in well-balanced funds, where managers use their knowledge and experience to deliver stable returns to shareholders.

The name Espiria is derived from the Latin and French words 'spero' and 'espoir' (to expect/hope), the English 'aspire' (to strive) and the Swedish 'spira' (to grow and sprout) and our name reflects our determination to deliver capital growth to our investors.

Sustainability-focused investments

At Espiria, we actively work for positive change and we encourage industries to become more sustainable through our investments and our ability to influence companies.

All of our investment decisions are guided by Espiria's Quality & Sustainability Score (EQSS), a tool that helps to promote certain environmental and social characteristics, such as low risk of biodiversity loss, increased board diversity, and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and net-zero target.

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Well-balanced funds

The Espiria funds are not index funds, which try to replicate the performance of a particular market index. When the market shifts, this can mean big changes in the value of your money, both in the short and long term. Instead, our range of funds is structured to offer investment solutions that give you the best possible return for your chosen level of risk.

Risk and return go hand in hand. Higher risk means a greater chance that the value of the investment could fall during volatile times, but also that the potential for higher returns will increase in the long term.

Investment team

Peter Van Berlekom 615X405

Peter van Berlekom

Portfolio Manager & Chief Investment Officer Espiria

Peter is Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Espiria. He has overall responsibility for Espiria's strategies and focus on global equities.

Jakob Wikander 615X405 2

Jakob Wikander

Portfolio Manager and Deputy Investment Officer

Jakob works as a portfolio manager with focus on equities and fixed income.

Huizi Zeng 615X405

Huizi Zeng

Portfolio Manager

Huizi works as a Portfolio Manager with focus on equities and sustainability.

Stefan Pari 615X405

Stefan Pari

Portfolio Manager

Stefan works as a Portfolio Manager with focus on fixed income.

Axel Ekros 615X405

Axel Ekros


Axel works as an analyst for East Capital Group funds.

Karine Hirn 615X405 (1)

Karine Hirn

Partner & Group Chief Sustainability Officer

Karine is Chief Sustainability Officer for East Capital Group, and one of the founding partners of East Capital. She holds an MSc in Management from EM Lyon and a Post Graduate Degree from Sciences Po Paris. She speaks French, English, Swedish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.

East Capital Group 540X355 3

East Capital Group

Espiria is a part of East Capital Group, a global asset manager based in Sweden since 1997. Within East Capital Group you will find East Capital, Espiria, Adrigo and East Capital Real Estate. We offer a range of investment solutions within equities, fixed income securities, real estate, and alternatives. The essence of our business is not only to find attractive investment opportunities, but also to actively work to drive change, influencing industries around the world to become more sustainable.